A Message from My Battle Founder Marchalle Couch


Hello, Battles! I am so excited that you chose My Battle to make your work from home dream come true. I am a 20-year retired military veteran. Before I deployed to Iraq I owned a very lucrative beauty salon. When I returned home, paired with a failing economy and me suffering from anxiety and depression, it was difficult for me to cope. I struggled to find a position that would allow the space I needed to heal, as well as generate a plausible income.

My interest was peaked about Arise Virtual Solutions while assisting a disaster survivor working with FEMA.


Arise seemed almost too good to be true. I didn't believe it was legitimate. However, after researching the company, it not only was legitimate,  it was a way for me to work from home! So, I chose to partner with Arise to provide work from home Opportunites for, veterans, veteran spouses, stay at home moms, college students, and retirees.


I chose the name My Battle because that is what soldiers call each other during a time of the battle, Battle Buddies. Therefore, you all are My Battle Buddies!